Photoshoot Review with Violet Lucy

February 3, 2019

You made it personal!

Let’s dive right into the Photoshoot Review with Violet Lucy!

We set out to create something personal, something intimate without being trashy. That’s a hard goal for a lot of reasons.

Luckily, Violet and I have worked together a bunch of times before. We have a relationship that means we are very comfortable around each other. You see, to create something like what we wanted to create, the photographer and model have to have a bond, a connection. Something that means they can vibe off each other. But all the time you have to avoid turning your shoot into just another trashy glamour shoot.

Annie Leibovitz said it best when she said: “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

If you want to portray something real, something emotional, something with substance, you have to capture those things that you love.

Planning the shoot…

I often champion using mood boards. in fact, I use Pinterest to create mood boards for 9 out of 10 of my shoots. This was the 10th shoot.

So why am I doing a photoshoot review with Violet Lucy if right off the bat, I’m not following my own rules? You won’t hear me say this ofter because I’m a guy that likes to plan. I have a backup plan for my backup plan! I’m so used to working with clients where you have one shot to get it right, I get nervous when I feel out of control. But sometimes, you have to let yourself go with the flow. See where the mood takes you. Allow yourself to capture the mood as it happens.

We wanted something intimate, something personal. Something that showed off the strength and courage it takes to be part of a shoot like this, but also the vulnerability.

For that reason, we walked into the studio with nothing more than a concept.

Learn to trust…

Set the level before the shoot! No exceptions! If you are shooting to implied nude, that is agreed before the shoot and not spoke about on the day unless one of you is no longer comfortable doing that come shoot time. Under no circumstance should either one of you try to push the other beyond the agreed levels!

That said, on the day you need to trust each other. Trust that you are working to create a truly unique image. You will want to experiment with light, composition and poses. That’s ok, trust that it’s all in the pursuit of that one amazing image.

We had an awesome shoot this day and got some amazing images that we are both really happy with. But we will be back again, still trying to capture those things that we love.

Want more?

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this Photoshoot Review with Violet Lucy. If you want to see more, be sure to check out Violets Instagram and my Instagram account.

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