Photoshoot Review with Liberty Jordan

February 5, 2019

Sometimes you just know!

The Photoshoot Review with Liberty Jordan is a LONG time coming! Let’s go back to the beginning…

This shoot happened early in 2019, but I wanted Lib to model for me way back in 2016. You see I have known Lib for years, I first met her when I was an event photographer. She was one of the clients at an event I was shooting and as soon as I took her photo, I knew she would make an awesome model. She just had a presence in front of the camera that I knew I could use to make some magic.

So, as I do with a lot of people, I asked her to model for me. She said no, but left it open with “maybe some time in the future”… I never gave up.

A year in the making…

A year went by and various requests for her to model declined. I had almost given up hope.

Summer 2018 I had a last minute cancellation for an urban sunset shoot that I had planned. So as I usually do, I posted a story to Instagram asking if anyone wanted to fill the availability as a Test Shoot. Lib said yes! I was so shocked that I messaged her assuming she had responded by mistake, but much to my delight, she meant it and wanted to shoot.

That wasn’t this shoot, that was at least 10 photoshoots ago. Lib and I have built a really creative relationship and I’ve been lucky enough to work with her a few times. I’ve watched her grow as a model, walk a catwalk show and even get signed to one of the Midlands top agencies Valkyrie Models.

The moment it all changed…

So why am I using this shoot to write a photoshoot review with Liberty Jordan? Well, this was the shoot where it all changed.

You see, most first models start out needing a fair amount of help and support from the photographer. Everything from posing, to how to style themselves for a shoot. For this shoot, Lib helped put together the mood board, wanted to create something truly unique, styled her self with little to no input from me, and on the day, was ready to abandon it all if we had an idea for something totally new and original.

For me, this was when Lib transitioned from having fun in front of the camera to being a professional model that understood what a collaborative experience a photo shoot really is.

Lib is amazing to work with, we already have some more time planned to shoot together and we are both working on our own concepts for shoots. Watch this space for some Film Noir inspired images.

Want more?

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this Photoshoot Review with Liberty Jordan. If you want to see more, be sure to check out Liberty’s Instagram and my Instagram account.

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