Photoshoot Review Ellie Dale

February 1, 2019

Spoiler alert…

She’s a friend and a model that I have worked with a dozen times before. I never had a doubt in my mind that the shoot would be amazing. That said, I never expected it to be as good as it was!

Ellie is an amazing commercial, fashion and editorial model signed by Manchester-based agency NoBox Models. We’ve worked together a few times now on projects that include urban street fashion, commercial fitness wear, lingerie and more. But for this shoot, we wanted to do something different.

Ellie has a stunning look and is able to pull off most styles. For this shoot, we wanted to push her right out of her comfort zone and go for a very dark, gritty and frankly, a very sexy look. She has an amazing figure, so let’s show it off.

Planning the shoot…

As with every photo shoot, we started out with a mood board. Every photographer has a slightly different process, but for me, a mood board helps me craft an idea and then really zone in on what I want to achieve.

Ellie and I have a really collaborative relationship and often work together to build a mood board on Pinterest. We know that a mood board is just a starting point, some guides to follow, but it’s also ok to let the mood take you on the day. We experimented with a few ideas this day, playing around with lighting and poses, but always sticking to our dark, gritty theme.

Knowing what we wanted…

I had an idea going into the shoot that I wanted to shoot in black and white. A few shots in I was 100% sold on the idea. The benefit of shooting RAW is that I can shoot in black and white so that I can get an idea of the mood and feeling of the final image, but still have the full-colour files to edit in post-production.

I always try to make my images very intimate and personal, so by far, my favourites from the day are the close up wet hair images. Something about them feels very raw.

It won’t be long before Ellie and I are back in the studio again, we have enough ideas to keep us busy for a year!


Want more?

For now, be sure to check out both Ellie’s Instagram and my Instagram. If you’re a photographer, Ellie is modelling at a number of my Events in 2019 so be sure to check them out!

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