Photoshoot Review with Liz Oneill

July 24, 2019


I started putting together this Photoshoot Review with Liz Oneill the minute I got back from the shoot. You see, I try not to get too excited when I work with new models, or have too many high hopes. For a lot of reasons, most beyond anyone’s control, first shoots can be a challenge.

Liz shattered every preconception of a first-time shoot. I wish I would have filmed the shoot because people ask me all the time “can you describe your perfect shoot”, and although no shoot is perfect, this one comes really close!!



I would always prefer to work with someone with an interesting look, but absolutely no experience, no past in modelling, rather than work with someone that has the same vibe as everyone else but knows how to pose.

The problem lies in finding something new. If you take the number of people with a cool look then subtract the ones that would never dream of stepping in front of a camera, then subtract the ones that live on the other side of the world, you’re left with a pretty small pool of people.

Liz popped up on my Instagram timeline after she was featured as part of the Wella Exposure 2019 campaign. Something caught my eye about her so I decided to follow her and see what she did next.

I wasn’t disappointed! She worked with a few awesome local photographers including Alex Leung, Jar Vo and produced some stunning images! That was it, I needed to shoot her!

Gareth-Welch-Visuals-Birmingham-Portrait-Photographer-Blog-Liz-Oneill - 1294


The shoot was made extra special because I got to work with a photographer that I’ve admired for a while. Billy Harrison and I had been speaking on Instagram for a while, we had actually shot together once before at a studio day hosted by Matt Leach, but we wanted to work on something just the two of us.

This was perfect because we both wanted to shoot Liz and Billy and I both have very different styles. We knew Liz would get a bunch of great images, and we could both learn from each other on the day.

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I really hope you’ve enjoyed this Photoshoot Review with Liz Oneill. If you want to see more, be sure to check out Liz’s Instagram and my Instagram account.

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